Premium Quality Tobacco Made in Poland

About company

Tobacco Farm Group is an independent group of tobacco producers from all over Poland.

It is made up of growers with many years of tradition, generational experience and a deep passion for tobacco cultivation.

The group was founded in 2020 on the initiative of several Polish growers in order to promote the highest quality of the tobacco leaves.

TFG is committed to supporting the cultivation of Virginia bright tobacco, in cooperation with the industry’s leading producers.

Tobacco Farm Group Sp. z o.o.
KRS: 0000880743
NIP: 7761706384
Regon: 388064261
Share capital: 100 000,00 zł

Malanowo Nowe 19,
09-228 Ligowo
tel: +48  792 880 136

Experience Tradition and Passion
in the cultivation of tobacco.